Parenting plans: for everyone

Shared Parenting and Visitation

Shared Parenting Plans can vary widely based upon particular facts and circumstances involved in each particular Custody or Visitation (Parenting Time) case, and can be agreed upon or Court Ordered without agreement. Every Shared Parenting Plan will address Parenting Times (Visitation) and Parental Rights and Responsibilities each parent will have with respect to their children. Shared Parenting Plans often times provide for parents to shall share equally in the decision-making process regarding their children. It is important to note that even though the parties have a Shared Parenting Plan in place, this does not automatically mean that no child support will be payable.  While the Court certainly can make an  Order where neither parent pays Child Support to the other, equal time alone is rarely enough achieve this outcome.

Generally, each county Court has a “Local Rule” parenting schedule which provides the “minimum” or “standard” Parenting Time (Visitation) provided to the “non-residential” or “non-custodial parent”. In certain extreme cases, Parenting Time can be “supervised” or restricted in some fashion. If Parenting Time can be agreed upon by the parties, the Court will Order a parenting schedule after hearing evidence at trial.

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Parenting plans: for everyone