Choosing the Right Attorney

The first major step in achieving your goals in any legal matter is to choose the right attorney. The Law Office of John C. Filkins is committed to providing each and every Client with professional, aggressive and practical representation, while being sensitive to the Client’s unique concerns and goals. With more than 20 years of experience, John C. Filkins is equipped to deal with all issues involved in Divorce and Child Custody matters. From the complex, high-asset cases, to the basic Dissolution, John C. Filkins is prepared to aggressively represent his Clients’ concerns and interests from the first day of representation through and including the filing of the final judgment entry.

Dedication and Commitment

The Law Office of John C. Filkins is dedicated to providing experienced, personalized attention to its’ Clients’ needs, while educating them on all the legal issues involved in their case.  This has been the basis of John C. Filkins success in consistently achieving the most favorable results for his Clients. While being responsive and sensitive to his Client’s concerns, John C. Filkins works hard to deliver prompt, practical advice, that his Clients can understand.  At The Law Office of John C. Filkins, we are committed to being available to our Clients when they need us, making our firm available, even when an issue arises after normal business hours.  In contrast to the formula-based approach some firms employ, John C. Filkins adapts and tailors his representation in each case to his client’s individual needs and goals. The Law Office of John C. Filkins is dedicated to giving individualized, personal attention to every case.

Attorney Overview

Since 1990, John C. Filkins has focused his law practice in the areas of Divorce, Dissolution, Child Custody, Paternity, Adoption, and Criminal Defense.  This unique background has assisted many of our Clients in successfully dealing with the complex financial issues involved in a Divorce which include family business valuations, medical practice valuations, farming valuations, structured property settlements, significant Spousal Support awards, Child Custody and Child Support, as well as Post Decree modifications of prior Divorce Decrees. Our practice brings more than 20 years of experience in successfully representing Client’s in high asset Divorce Litigation, Custody and Child Support Litigation, all while being able to conduct meaningful settlement negotiations involved in the breakup of any marriage.

Family Law Expert Witnesses & Associated Specialists

For more than 20 years, John C. Filkins has developed outstanding relationships with numerous specialists in family law related fields including pension and retirement experts, certified public accountants, real estate and personal property appraisers, private investigators, forensic accountants, business valuation experts, Guardians Ad Litems and family and child psychologists. By working closely with these experts, our firm has developed an excellent network of associations which are both beneficial and necessary to our Clients when addressing their unique financial and personal needs and goals.

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