Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Orders

Spousal abuse or child abuse accusations can be handled in domestic relations court and\or criminal court, and can result in a Civil Protection Order, Restraining Order and\or felony or misdemeanor criminal charges. These measures can limit the accused abuser’s contact with the alleged victim and\or any minor children at issue for extended periods of time, as well as restricting the accused abuser’s ability to enter the family residence. If these Orders are violated, the violating party can face jail, fines, as well as additional penalties. If you have been charged with, or victimized by, a crime involving domestic violence or threats to family or a household member, it is absolutely critical to obtain advice from an experienced domestic violence attorney as soon as possible.  It is also extremely helpful to have an attorney who is also experienced in the collateral family law matters which should always be considered in conjuction with any Domestic Violence issue where children or a marriage are involved.

The bottom line is that if you or a family member is being abused or is being accused of Domestic Violence or Child Abuse, you need legal counsel and advice as soon as possible.  Accusations of Domestic Violence are taken very seriously in Ohio, and Civil Protection Orders and Temporary Restraining Orders are designed to protect individuals from further acts of abuse. Unfortunately, these legal devices are sometimes used inappropriately against individuals to gain an unfair advantage in a Divorce or Child Custody case.

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